101 Questions with the power to change your life

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Your inner journey typically begins with the big questions.

  • "Isn't there more to life than this?"
  • "Who's expectations am I actually trying to life up to?"
  • "What's the meaning to it all?"

Some get these questions early in life, some towards the end, but in my experience they typically come either somewhere between 35 and 45 or when recovering from some major set back.

It's a call to adventure, an inner adventure of exploring who you really are. The process of exploration is centred around some sort of reflective practice. A process of going beyond your everyday thoughts, trying to quit your monkey mind jumping around in a frenzy and allow your unconsciousness to the surface. 

From there it's a journey of poking, examining, feeling into and ultimately integrating all aspects of who you are. A journey of higher levels of self-awareness.

This book invites you to this journey as it aspires to trigger those questions that you're too busy asking yourself in the busyness of life.

It is 101 questions in 50 pairs and a final question.

The first question in the pair is aimed at opening your mind and stimulate self-reflection. The second question in the pair is aimed at challenging you to “up your game” – to give you a nudge to live more.

For every answer you come up with there’s an action waiting to be taken. The action can be literal and outward oriented such as in pair 4 and 18, or the action can be literal and inward oriented such as in pairs 8 and 10, or the action can be a mental commitment such as in pair 1 and 11.

This book better not rushed through, it will provide you with weeks of reflective practice. You may want to come back to the same questions multiple times as it's likely you'll uncover deeper, more profound answers the second, third fourth time you reflect on it. 

It's not a book for you if you're chasing quick fixes. Evolving your understanding of yourself and how you relate to your world takes time and effort. 

I'm pretty confident that if you take the time and effort this book has the power to change your life. 

Fare well on your inner journey!

PS. When you're ready to enter then next phase of your inner journey you may want to explore my book series: Your Inner Compass. Two workbooks to help you explore  and articulate your personal purpose and core values.

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101 Questions with the power to change your life

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